History & Heritage

Milford Water Company

Property Details

Modest vernacular commercial building of one story, with gable roof and gable-end orientation to the street. Flat-topped windows,, with sash temporarily removed. Two-bay façade, with one-story rectangular bay window on left side; entrance offset on right side, featuring single four-panel door. Appears to have been constructed in two stages, with a corner board visible midway back where the original building terminated. Moved to its present site in 1875 when the Wallace Building was erected, and became the office of the newly-formed Milford Water Company which had been established in 1849. Sanford Fire Insurance Maps confirm this building as having been built as an office and as having been used as such as early as 1885. (ca. 1860)

Photos by Preston Ehrler Photography, prestonehrler.com | jpehrler@gmail.com