Summer Activities

A Day in Milford

Nestled in a fluviarchy along the banks of the Delaware, there’s no shortage of beauty to behold in Milford Pennsylvania. Those looking for a biking escape into nature can explore a portion of, (or all of) the achingly scenic views along the McDade trail. This 31.3 mile gravel trail begins at Milford Beach and winds along the river with many access points throughout the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. If you’re interested in exploring “the Gap” by water, Milford Beach is also an excellent launch point to embark on a quiet canoe or kayak paddle down a tranquil portion of our beloved Delaware River. Follow that up with a shuttle ride back to town via the convenience of the Pocono Pony.

We at Action Bikes and Outdoor may be biased, but feel there’s no better way to take in the sights of this charming town than on two wheels. One of our favorite past times is pedaling through the inviting alleys in town, viewing its rich history, quiet gardens and abundant greenery. We want everyone to enjoy pedaling Milford as much as we do, so we’ve compiled a list of 6 little gems we’ve relished on our rides that are sprinkled throughout the borough. Want to play? Here’s the rules: Ride a bike to all 6 places and snap a photo of your smiling self at each site. We’ve provided GPS coordinates to help you in the hunt. The first 3 people to do so can pedal on back to Action Bikes and Outdoor on 611 Broad Street where you’ll each receive a $50 ABO Gift Card! Winners along with their photos will be shared via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Don’t own a bike? We have Rentals! Call 570-296-4009 for pricing. We can’t wait to see your pictures!

  1. The Gate House at Grey Towers: Built in 1886, this is the first structure you’ll see of Grey Towers National Historic Site, a true treasure of the
    town. If the gate is open, cyclists are encouraged to ascend the driveway to the incredibly picturesque historic mansion seated at the
    top. 41.3292 -74.8136
  2. The Schocopee Schoolhouse: This historic structure, was built in the late 1850’s on Schocopee Road and served as a one-room school until 1907. 41.3283 -74.8123
  3. Mott Street Bridge, aka Blue Bridge: The original wooden bridge opened in 1881 and was the main route to Stroudsburg. After much degradation the bridge was replaced with a truss-style metal bridge and reopened in 1903. After its most recent restoration with its trusses painted bright blue, Blue Bridge is now open to connect pedestrian traffic to The Glen. 41.3187 -74.8021
  4. Barkley Park: The park was dedicated in 1975 to the creative force that was Ethel Noyes Barkley. Recently renovated, Barkley park boasts the most beautiful vista of the Delaware River in all of Milford. 41.3195 -74.7989
  5. Milford Theater: Recognized for its vintage old-school entrance and sitting quietly off the main streets you’ll find this hidden gem. Since its opening in 1911 its transformed from vaudeville to a movie house, and now hosts live performances. 41.3225 -74.8003
  6. The V.I.A. Fountain: Sculpted in 1911, this unique drinking fountain provided water to not only pedestrians, but dogs and horses too. While you’re there, be sure to spin around to view the original jail and courthouse erected in 1815! 41.3245 -74.8004

by Carissa Souza of Action Bikes and Outdoor