History & Heritage

Pike County Soldiers & Sailors Memorial

Property Details

Located in the east quadrant of Center Square, this is a memorial object consisting of a raised planting bed with characteristic cobblestone walls capped with polished stone slabs and reached by two stone steps. In the center of the planting bed is a cobblestone memorial capped with a bronze eagle and with a plaque bearing the inscription, “Dedicated in honor and memory of soldiers and sailors from Pike County, Pennsylvania who answered our country’s call to arms in wars of our nations.” Set into the ground immediately in front of the cobblestone assembly is a polished granite stone bearing the inscription, “Dedicated 1931 by August Kiel ‘The Marble King’ Restored 1991 Mt. Laurel Post 8612.” (1931)

Photos by Preston Ehrler Photography, prestonehrler.com | jpehrler@gmail.com