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Normandy Cottage

Property Details

James Pinchot, 1903 (Tudor) One of the most charming structures in the District, this fanciful Tudor Revival cottage has a myriad of textures: steep roof with fish-scale slate shingles, bluestone used with the chimney and corner quoins, walls made of rubble stone with half-timbering and stucco. Of note is the slight front overhang with interesting round glass decorations – possibly bottoms of glass bottles. Note the carriage house in the alley with its unusual cater-cornered doors and single round hooded window in a gable facing the house and relating to its back door. This home was built in the original Pinchot family garden by James Pinchot for his son Amos.

Photos by Preston Ehrler Photography, prestonehrler.com | jpehrler@gmail.com