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1864 (Gothic) In 1813 Milford was a “Godless, prayerless, Sabbath breaking village”!* The first Methodist-Episcopal Church begun in 1826 was built just north of the “Jersey Bridge” on the bank of the Delaware River. In days gone by itinerant preachers canoed up and down the river seeking converts and occasionally stopping to preach at this small church. The toll of the bell called people from the village down to the river church to worship. Because of flooding, the church (no longer extant) was moved to higher ground in 1835 to the present East Ann Street church parking lot. The present church building was erected in 1864 during the Civil War. The beautiful stained-glass lancet windows take their theme from Matthew, 6:28: “Consider the lilies how they grow….” Note the quatrefoil and circular windows above the door. The bell tower is a curious local adaptation of an Italianate cupola. *150th Anniversary United Methodist Church Milford, Pa., Historical Committee, October 10,1976.

Photos by Preston Ehrler Photography, prestonehrler.com | jpehrler@gmail.com