History & Heritage

Anthony Brooks Building

Property Details

This 2-1/2 story Greek Revival temple-form commercial building of brick construction, with partial return of the cornice on the gable ends. Three-bay façade, modified at an indeterminate date by removing portions of the walls to create a recessed drive-through for automotive traffic. Original windows are flat-topped, six-over-six lights, with exterior operable louvered shutters. One-story contemporary shed-riffed wood frame addition at right side, set back from the plane of the façade. Sanborn Fire Maps identify this building as having been a general store in 1885, a grocery in 1905, and by 1928, The Milford Steam Laundry. More recently, it was the Alvin Blitz Garage in 1940’s and 1950’s. (ca. 1850)

The Anthony Brooks Building represents an exceptional example of rehabilitation of an historic structure to serve a contemporary use. The work was painstakingly carried out to preserve the historic character of the building. It is now, and will probably always be, a valuable economic and cultural asset in our community. Paul and Debra Brooks have done an outstanding job of stewardship of this important commercial structure.

Photos by Preston Ehrler Photography, prestonehrler.com | jpehrler@gmail.com