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Relief from pain and common symptoms, repair from injuries and surgery, as well as prevention, enhanced performance and cosmetic treatments — because we all want to feel, function and look our best!

Acupuncture stimulates your body to self-regulate and heal, so if you’re looking for natural relief, repair or prevention, you’ve made a wise choice. Your personalized, one-on-one treatment may also include Cupping, Gua Sha, Infrared Heat, Laser, Electro-Acupuncture, Trigger Point “Dry Needling” and Auriculotherapy. Treatment effects are cumulative, so a course of care pays off when you need support with an injury or chronic issue. The right “dose” depends on the nature and severity of your condition as well as your overall health. Preventive care helps keep things running smoothly and strengthens your resilience. When full-body acupuncture is not ideal, non-needle microcurrent or laser treatment applied to points on the ear is a great option. Ear seeds may be applied for a prolonged effect.

Microneedling for Skin Rejuvenation
Collagen Induction Therapy is taken to a whole new level with MD-grade human-derived mesenchymal stem cytokines and growth factors, plus Celluma Light Therapy. Skin is improved after the initial treatment, and 4 to 6 sessions at least one month apart are recommended for best results. Additional fee may apply for neck, décolleté, hands or stretch marks and scars on other areas of the body.

Cupping or Gua Sha
Sometimes Cupping or Gua Sha is all you need. These are myofascial decompression and soft-tissue mobilization techniques that increase circulation, loosen muscles, break up adhesions and calm the nervous system. Shown to produce anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce pain and stiffness, as well as immune benefits that can speed recovery from cough and wheezing.

Celluma Light Therapy
Known as Photobiomodulation or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), the FDA-cleared Celluma Light stimulates cellular and tissue repair to reduce inflammation, edema and pain. It improves cellular health to reduce signs of aging, eliminate acne, speed dermal wound healing, and even stimulate hair growth. By decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow and oxygen availability, it accelerates repair of damaged cells, stimulates collagen production and enhances cellular metabolism. For best results, a series of treatments 2-3 times per week is recommended.

Our office is proud to care for Veterans!

Dr. Anca Marinescu is a provider in the VA Community Care Network. Ask your doctor at the VA about getting authorized for treatment at our office, or go to for more information.

We do not participate with other insurance, however, if you have out-of-network acupuncture coverage, we can provide you with a bill to submit for possible reimbursement.

You may also save by using your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if you have one.

Cosmetic treatments are not covered by any insurance.

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