Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Preservation?
For us it is caring about historic buildings, keeping track of them (especially those built before 1947 and on the National Registry, and Pike County has a lot of them.  Go to our website – – for complete listings) and those who own them, and encourages those owners to use best practices in repair and on new additions.

2. What are the Secretary of Interior’s Standards of Rehabilitation and which buildings do they apply to in Pike County?
First, they apply to all buildings on federal lands, such as the Marie Zimmermann House, Grey Towers, and the Zane Grey House, and in federal designations, such as the Milford National Historic District, specifically applying to those buildings in the Borough’s commercial district under a state-sanctioned architectural review board (ARB).
These standards are:

  • Continue a building’s historic purpose with minimal changes.
  • Retain its historic character and materials.
  • Recognize its historic record: time, place, and use.
  • Retain changes of historic significance.
  • Preserve distinct craftmanship.
  • Repair deteriorated features.
  • Use gentle physical treatments.
  • Protect any archeology.
  • Differentiate new additions.
  • Undertake new additions leaving form and integrity of historic property unimpaired.

Does Milford Borough really need an ARB? 
Yes, because it provides a discipline on the care and preservation of our most publicly-visible, historic properties, just as the standards automatically do for the managers of public lands.

4. Can the Milford Design Guide help me, even if my property is not in the borough’s commercial district under the ARB? 
Yes, yes, and yes!
The Milford Design Guide is an encyclopedic reference prepared by state consultants on Milford’s history, working with the ARB, the distinguishing characteristics of architectural styles in the borough, the maintenance of walls, windows, doors, roofs, porches, etc., and on the rehabilitation of commercial buildings and the historic­ ally-complementing types of signs appropriate to them.
The Milford Design Guide is available on-line at milfordboro. org/borough. Physical copies are available to owners of properties under the ARB. Non-ARB property owners may review copies at the Borough Office at 1 1 1 West Catherine Street.

5. Can I attend ARB meetings and ask questions, even if my property is not in the borough’s commercial district under the ARB? 
Yes. The borough encourages this, but attendees should understand that there are time constraints for questions on properties outside the commercial district.
ARB meetings are on the 4th Monday of the month in the Borough Building at 7PM.

For those wishing to become members of the Historic Preservation Trust of Pike County,
please  email Bill Kiger.