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Milford, Pennsylvania

Milford is inordinately proud of its status as a heritage community and Historic District. Homeowners rehabilitate, restore and exhibit the history of their homes. The Historic Preservation Trust of Pike County was founded in December 1995 with the mission of preserving sites and structures throughout Pike County and was instrumental in the establishment of the Milford National Historic District in 2002. In Milford, preservation matters.

When you come to Milford, pick up a Walking Tour guide of the streets in one of our shops, and show yourself around. You will be amazed at the variety of different styles and effects. And don’t forget the alleys. Behind every main street there is an alley to complement it, and the old stables and garages have been turned into workshops and residences in their own right. There is a lot to see in a walking tour of Milford!

Our Mission

To preserve historic sites and structures throughout Pike County and be a voice for preserving our architecture and historic sites.

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